Sue Saville | Sue Saville's work experience as Medical correspondent, consultant and host at medical conferences
Sue Saville has specialised in reporting on Medical events, consulting for pharmaceutical companies and hosting conferences.
Sue Saville, conference hosting, medical symposia hosting, pharmaceutical consultancy
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Conference Hosting & Medical Symposia

Sue is an experienced conference host, having facilitated at events for the NHS, pharmaceutical companies, plus the banking and insurance industries. She chaired the stage at the Launch Dinner for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, with Royalty attending.

Sue has chaired symposia at medical conferences, including international events for rheumatism and neurology. She also hosts awards nights.

Pharmaceutical Consultancy

Sue chairs and attends Media Advisory Boards on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, shaping their strategic media planning. She also tailors business intelligence for individual companies from the industry, media and public perspectives.

Here are just some of the companies that Sue has worked with.